Hettich. The company.

Hettich was founded in 1888 and is today one of the world's largest and most successful manufacturers of furniture fittings. Around 8,000 colleagues in almost 80 countries work together towards one objective: developing intelligent technology for furniture. With it, we excite people across the globe. And are a valuable partner to the furniture industry, retailers and the trades.

The Hettich brand stands for consistent values: for quality and innovation. For reliability and closeness to customers. Despite our size and international significance, Hettich has remained a family owned business. Independent of investors, we have a free hand in shaping our future with a focus on the human element and sustainability.

Portrait and key performance indicators

Resident in Kirchlengern. At home the world over. Figures. Future. Firm bond.

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The Hettich brand

Quality ... Innovation ... Closeness to customers ... Reliability. Why the four Hettich brand values are so important

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Corporate social responsibility

Ecological and socially minded. We practise corporate responsibility.

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The company's history

Hettich: innovative since 1888.

A small journey through time.

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Awards and references

Praised by experts. Loved by customers.

Winning Hettich products and achievements.

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Business Units

More than furniture: Hettich's broad horizon.

How our expertise is making a name for itself

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Hettich Worldwide

All adresses and contacts