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Innovative products. Pioneering buildings. Attractive employer.
Hettich has caused quite a stir with outstanding achievements – and received many different awards. Here's a look at the last few years.


Sensys hinge

Sensys wide-angle hinge

Sensys thick door hinge

Sensys thin door hinge

ArciTech drawer system

AvanTech drawer system

Push to open Silent for ArciTech drawers

InnoTech Atira drawer system

ComfortSpin rotating shelf

ViZard by ambigence Flap fitting

TopLine XL sliding door system

WingLine L folding sliding door system

ComfortSwing lifting system for dishwasher‘s bottom rack

Easys for refrigerators

SlideLine M sliding door system

AvanTech YOU Illumination

Push to open Silent for hinged doors

Quadro Compact FE 20 for wine refrigerators

  • Family Businesses Family Businesses
  • Best Place to Learn Best Place to Learn
  • Perpetuum 2016 Perpetuum 2016
  • Top Employer Top Employer
  • Top Careers Opportunities Top Careers Opportunities
  • Outstanding building construction Outstanding building construction
  • NRW Timber Construction Prize NRW Timber Construction Prize
  • Best Practice in Energy Efficiency Best Practice in Energy Efficiency
  • Green Building Award Green Building Award
  • Top 500 Family Businesses 2016

    The Foundation for Family Businesses has awarded the Hettich Group for its outstanding business achievements. Worldwide, the Hettich group of companies employs over 6000 members of staff, 3000 of these in Germany. At the moment, 245 young people are completing an apprenticeship or work study programme (dual course of study) at Hettich. We are the largest employer in the Herford district. Family businesses like Hettich are a mainstay of the German economy.

    Family Businesses
  • Best Place to Learn 2016

    Hettich wants to attract talented and motivated young recruits, foster them and keep them in the company long term. This is why we attach tremendous importance to on the job training. Hettich's training scheme in Kirchlengern/Bünde has now been awarded the "Best Place to Learn" seal of approval from Aubi‐plus GmbH. To determine the quality of training, 194 employer and employees were surveyed at Hettich who are currently involved in apprenticeship training. They were asked to give their opinion on 54 quality criteria.

    Best Place to Learn
  • Perpetuum 2016 Energy Efficiency Next Generation Prize.

    In 2016, two Hettich apprentices were honoured with the Perpetuum 2016 Energy Efficiency Next Generation Prize. Previously, they had already achieved second place in the Energy Scouts East Westphalia-Lippe 2015 competition with their energy optimisation project. The German business initiative Energieeffizienz e.V. in Berlin awards outstanding, innovative projects and products associated with the subject of energy efficiency. Awarded for the first time, the next generation prize went to Hettich apprentices Henrik Klußmann and Marcel Pavel.

    Perpetuum 2016
  • Focus Special - Top Employer 2016

    German "Focus" news magazine has once again selected Germany’s best employers. As in 2015, Hettich comes fifth among the major employers in the category "Manufacture and processing of materials and construction materials, metals and paper". The Focus ranking shows: even across all industries, the Hettich Group is among the best employers in Germany.

    Top Employer
  • Focus Special - Top Careers Opportunities 2016

    German news magazine "Focus" awards the "Top Careers Opportunities" test accolade to German employers provide their staff with exemplary support in building up a career. Scoring 98.6 of 100 points (benchmark), the Hettich Group came 3rd in the metal industry segment. Over 2,000 businesses from 59 segments were analysed for the study. It rated employer image, management culture, development opportunities, ingenuity, sustainability and staff loyalty.

    Top Careers Opportunities
  • Award for outstanding building construction 2015

    In 2015, the North Rhine Westphalia's Building and Construction Ministry and the North Rhine Westphalian Chamber of Architects gave the accolade to buildings of exemplary design in North Rhine Westphalia. The Hettich Group received it for its production facility at Bünde. The building impressed the adjudicating panel with its clarity of structure, being rated as an "exceptionally well designed industrial building". In the production facility, steel and timber were used as materials of relevance to its construction and design. A perfect example of sustainable and future proof industrial construction.

    Outstanding building construction
  • NRW Timber Construction Prize 2014

    Hettich was awarded the NRW Timber Construction Prize in 2014 for the energy efficient and predominantly timber built facility for producing ArciTech. The building's primary energy requirement is 73 lower than limits set by the German Energy Saving Regulation currently in effect. The timber used comes from controlled, sustainable sources, enabling Hettich to make a valuable contribution to protecting our climate. Because verifiable reafforestation will permanently take some 1,630 tonnes of the greenhouse gas CO2 out of the atmosphere.

    NRW Timber Construction Prize
  • "Best Practice in Energy Efficiency" label 2014

    And yet another accolade for the production facility at Bünde. The fact that the production building uses an amazing 73 per cent less energy than is demanded by the German Energy Saving Regulation also impressed the German Energy Agency. The award in the "Building Related Projects" category went to Hettich.

    Best Practice in Energy Efficiency
  • Green Building Award 2009

    It was in 2009 that Hettich was given the European Union's first national "Green Building Award 2009" for the Hettich Forum in Kirchlengern. The jury's criteria: the all embracing and architecturally balanced concept. The significant energy saving. The integration of energy management. And the use of renewable energies.

    Green Building Award


Sophisticated architecture begins with the silhouette of a building. And extends right through to the user friendly fitting in its furnishings. Wherever perfection is demanded at detail level, Hettich provides it with innovative fitting technology. Whether hotel or office complex: Hettich products give the interior of large premises added functionality, greater convenience and an enhanced look of quality.

Are you looking for references in a specific country or in relation to a specific segment? Ask us – we will be pleased to help you.


  • Lotte World Tower Lotte World Tower
  • Marina One Marina One
  • Hettich in ship cabins Hettich in ship cabins
  • Suzhou InterContinental Hotel Suzhou InterContinental Hotel
  • Titanic Quarter in Belfast Titanic Quarter in Belfast
  • Axis Bank India Axis Bank India
  • Audi Showrooms worldwide Audi Showrooms worldwide
  • Lotte World Tower

    The Lotte World Tower skyscraper in Seoul, South Korea's capital city, was completed at the end of 2016 This prestigious building only uses first class, reliably technology. This is where Hettich has been pleased to contribute: Quadro full extension runners with Silent System, Sensys standard and thick door hinges provide a high level of functionality, convenience and aesthetic appeal. In the minibar, in the bathroom as well as in various cabinets and wardrobes.

    Lotte World TowerLotte World TowerLotte World TowerLotte World TowerLotte World TowerLotte World Tower
  • Marina One

    In 2018, Singapore will see the arrival of the "Marina One" project. It is the vision of a "city in the garden" – in the middle of the central business district of Marina South. Pioneering Hettich systems can be encountered in the two 34 storey residential complexes on no fewer than two counts: in the form of TopLine XL sliding door systems and Quadro full extension runners.

    Marina OneMarina One
  • Hettich in ship cabins

    The Norwegian outfitter for high quality ship cabins Shipnor presents great furniture with Hettich fittings. Ship furniture is exposed to extreme wear and tear, making long term durability of the fittings an absolute must.

    Hettich in ship cabinsHettich in ship cabinsHettich in ship cabins
  • Suzhou InterContinental Hotel

    Suzhou InterContinental Hotel, China. The hotel’s five-star demands include gently closing furniture doors that create a peaceful and luxurious environment. Sensys hinges had no problem meeting this demand.

    Suzhou InterContinental Hotel
  • Titanic Quarter in Belfast

    The Hettich effect in high-class apartments: Efficient use of space and the ultimate in ergonomics. The InnoTech drawer system provides exemplary convenience and living quality.

    Titanic Quarter in BelfastTitanic Quarter in Belfast
  • Axis Bank India

    The “Sedus Temptation” range was used in the offices. This is where Hettich’s Systema Top 2000 pedestal range was able to demonstrate its tremendous design flexibility.

    Axis Bank IndiaAxis Bank India
  • Audi Showrooms worldwide

    Audi is synonymous with innovative engineering and aesthetic design. And Systema Top 2000 is used at Audi. This is where the variable and versatile Hettich system confidently satisfies all demands.

    Audi Showrooms worldwideAudi Showrooms worldwide