"Hettich Ehrenamt" volunteering campaign – Together for a commitment to society

Outside their work, many Hettich colleagues are involved as volunteers in social welfare projects worldwide. Hettich wishes to express its appreciation to everyone for devoting their spare time to various activities in the social welfare sector - which is why it has been encouraging this commitment since 2013. Once a year, colleagues can come forward with their project and get € 500. 
They are involved in a wide range of areas: supporting children and teenagers, the ill and people in need of care, local heritage societies, rescue services and sports institutions. Between 2013 and 2021, over 1,150 projects were sponsored worldwide with donations in excess of € 650,000. 
In 2021, 108 projects in Germany, the Czech Republic and Australia each received funding to the tune of € 500. This means the Hettich Group made out donation cheques worth a total of € 54,000 in 2021. Of this, € 32,500 alone went to projects in Germany.

Commitment to society is an integral part of our corporate values and is very close to our hearts. This is why we are delighted that so many of our colleagues are involved in charitable associations and have been supporting this commitment through the 'Hettich Ehrenamt' volunteering campaign for no less than eight years now.

Laura-Sophie Fuchs

Corporate Communications at Hettich