The four secrets to Hettich's success

Your probably come into contact with Hettich products every day. Without even realising it. Because once our fittings are installed in furniture, you can often no longer see them – but notice them. Because Hettich products make furniture move and make fundamental functions possible in the first place: doors, drawers, pot-and-pan drawers ... these are just some of the examples. The secret behind our success are Hettich's four central brand values: awareness of quality, joy of innovating, constant dialogue with our customers and  reliability. It is on the basis of these values that our staff think and act every day.

Our reward: thrilled furniture owners all over the world.

All's well that ends well
– with Hettich

Hettich products significantly influence the quality and functionality of furniture. A responsibility we fulfil with passion. In every price segment. We underpin the entire production cycle with effective quality management processes. From raw material to finished product. This way, the furniture manufacturer benefits from reliable, long lasting technology. And the user from convenient functions that make furniture a pleasure to use. Prudent and consistent quality management is one of the vital keys to success at Hettich. Even as early as when Hettich products are being developed, the focus is on serviceability and long life which is then verified in the form of prototypes. The most exacting demands also apply to the visual quality of Hettich products: product surfaces are hard wearing and durable – for many years of reliable use.

Quality: as standard

Anyone wanting to ensure quality must be in control of the processes that are involved. Production level validation tests reflect the state of the art

Our testing processes

Testing the serviceability and durability of Hettich products is a key aspect in developing our products. Strength, wear resistance and product safety is verified in comprehensive endurance tests.

Surface tests

The most exacting demands are also placed on the look of Hettich products. Product surfaces must be hard wearing and robust in everyday use.

You and us: quality in a nutshell

Our customers and their demands are always part of our quality strategy. Together with them, we identify the demands on the products in hand.

Quality: the DNS of all Hettich products

All Hettich products are made in close cooperation between the centres of excellent of marketing and sales, research, development, procurement, production and quality management.

At Hettich, we leave nothing to chance

Permanent transparency for monitoring measurement process values from employee to executive.

Anybody wanting to fascinate people must be exceptional in everything they do. Our promise is: once installed, our products simply get on and do their job day after day after day.

Uwe Kreidel

Managing directors

Hettich products:
made for the future

Knowing today what furniture users want tomorrow. Strategically researching markets and needs. Identifying and playing an active part in shaping trends. That, too, is Hettich. It is with a good measure of instinct and effective innovation management that we can identify today's and tomorrow's demands on pieces of furniture. And constantly improve their functionality. In cross industry networks, we discover new potential applications for our products. Also for those we still need to develop.

Springboard for students: International Design Award from Hettich

We at Hettich want to encourage young people. And unleash the fantastic potential of creative students. To do this, we have initiated the International Design Award. Students from all over the world are invited to develop and present innovative solutions for designing furniture: future focused, practical and, what is particularly welcomed, out of the ordinary. The International Design Award is one of the biggest international design contests for students.


Fascinating designs on the winners' rostrum

In a public voting over several weeks design aficionados were able to choose the three winners of the International Design Award 2018. The winners are now known: 1st and 2nd place go to the designs of several students from Chinese universities, 3rd place was awarded to a creation from Pforzheim University.

1st place: "Cabi"

1st place: "Cabi"

Making it to the top was a smart furniture idea for children's bedrooms that inspires children to play and clear up or which, later on, clears itself up so to speak with the aid of drones. The novel design was entered by Jia Min Luo, Kang Tian and Yi Fei Zhong who are studying at South China Agricultural University. Attracting 9,420 votes, it was the public's absolute favourite.

2nd place: "Moving Cabinets"

2nd place: "Moving Cabinets"

Here, the small cabinet elements, which can be moved, flexibly adjust to suit any chosen use, providing the storage space that happens to be needed. The technically perfected idea also comes from China, from Fangyuan Chen, a student at Nanjing Forestry University. It received 4,521 votes. This university also entered the highest number of designs for the 2018 International Design Award.

Platz 3: „Chair PF“

Platz 3: „Chair PF“

This piece of furniture is a veritable allrounder − it can be used as a chair or bench, high desk or table. Equally as simple as it is impressive, this practical design comes from Daniel Diermeier who is studying at Pforzheim University. Attracting 3,553 votes, it managed to secure a comfortable third place.

A very personal touch

Working with Hettich – that means a partnership in constant personal dialogue. We concentrate on the multifaceted needs of our customers. We pay huge attention to small details. We cultivate an exchange of information with our partners that is based on trust. This way, we can constantly improve. Organise our production and logistics more efficiently. And provide the best service the industry offers.

Trust takes reliability.

Besides quality, innovation and closeness to customers, this is why reliability is also one of the central brand values at Hettich. From a technical point of view, we can guarantee this through efficient and stable processes. Yet it is also the human dimension that sets Hettich apart. Because a pronounced sense of responsibility and duty on the part of each and every member of staff helps Hettich to be valued as a reliable partner. Across the globe.