You have the potential. And we have the job that will let you evolve. We will provide you with the necessary latitude and give you responsibility. We will support you in moving on in your career and personal development. With interesting activities involving plenty of responsibility. And with personally tailored measures of further and advanced training. Take advantage of the wealth of opportunities there are at Hettich!

Innovative production and process technology is a mainstay of our international success. We also use modern technology in structuring and organising workplaces. Ergonomics and occupational safety have utmost priority at Hettich.


  • Your health is important to us

    We want you to stay healthy. This is the reason for Hettich launching the "Safety Excellence" initiative. For maximum safety at the workplace. For the best possible working conditions. And, with this, for your personal sense of wellbeing. Our health service offers you a broad spectrum of measures for staying physically and mentally fit. This includes company sport, medical service and massages.

    Your health is important to us
  • Socially minded, sustainable and fair

    As a company, we are aware of our responsibility to society and to the environment. This being so, we operate as a fair and respecting business partner. It is out of conviction that we support a wide range of social welfare initiatives. And we resolutely invest in sustainable technologies that conserve resources.

    Socially minded, sustainable, fair
  • Your health is important to us Your health is important to us
  • Socially minded, sustainable, fair Socially minded, sustainable, fair

Modern and focused on the human element:
Our corporate culture

What we are? Always determined to give our best. Always prepared for changes. And convinced that diversity in a job enriches us all. Because our staff's multifacetted mentalities, knowledge and skills come together to create a level of performance that is fired by inspiration. And all dominated by our foremost principle: showing respect in working with our staff and partners.


  • Responsible and varied

    We take our social responsibility towards our staff very seriously. At our international subsidiaries, we respect national labour law standards. And, above all, we respect human dignity. We follow the highest standards of occupational health and safety, offer fair working conditions and competitive remuneration all over the world. We firmly distance ourselves from discrimination and advocate tolerance and integration. We value diversity, which is why we welcome every single application – regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic and social background, religion / ideology, disability, age as well as sexual orientation and identity.

    Responsible and varied
  • Responsible and varied Responsible and varied

We pave the way for you:
Career development

Take advantage of the excellent prospects Hettich can offer you – across the globe. Evolve. Improve. We will do everything it takes to assist you. We will promote every facet of your profile with our own, company wide training measures.

Depending on location, Hettich can offer you various modules from this support programme:

  • Company pension scheme
  • Flexible working hours
  • Training measures
  • Healthcare management
  • Staff restaurants
  • Culture of prevention
  • Company integration management
  • Support with reconciling family and work life

Personal initiative. Courage to make a decision. Sense of responsibility.

These are the strengths of our staff. They form the foundation of our success. We want to cultivate this spirit. With clever minds. With pragmatism. With you.

Despite the diversity of our staff, we have strengths that are common to us all. We …

  • are fast and flexible in the way we think and act
  • shape the future with innovative ideas
  • constantly scrutinise seemingly everyday reality
  • passionately meet the needs and wishes of our customers
  • enthusiastically develop the best technologies and products

"Hettich Experience" projects

15 mechanical and industrial engineering students from the FH Bielefeld started with four projects. In order to start their projects as well prepared as possible, the students took part in a project management workshop. For one semester they will now work on various problems and then present the results both at the university and at Hettich.

The topics that prospective engineers will deal with in the winter semester 2019/2020 come from the fields of development and engineering. The aim of one group is to develop a process for supplying rail assembly with cardboard packaging that is as economical as possible. The second group deals with the implementation requirements for inductive paint stripping. Another group is examining the use of ecological plastics. And the last group conducts a market analysis on the subject of "Rental business of physical products".
We wish all participants much success and fun with their project work!
What is Hettich Experience?
With Hettich Experience, we enable an intensive combination of study and practice. During the project work, which is recognised as an academic achievement, the students get to know Hettich and maintain close contact with their mentors. A Hettich mentor accompanies each group, provides the necessary information and answers questions. However, the groups work and manage themselves largely independently. In this way, they are given the opportunity to form their own impression of the professional requirements, develop their skills and receive important impulses for their own careers.

We wish all students and mentors lots of fun and success in working together on the topics!