Your start at Hettich

Perhaps you are starting out on your career. Or right in the middle of it. Or you are looking for an apprenticeship training position. No matter wherever you come to us from: we can offer you many different ways of starting an attractive career in the Hettich Group.

Experienced job applicants

You have gathered at least 3 years of work experience. And can enrich your new team with the knowledge and skills it needs. This is where you want to contribute and develop your personal strengths.

At Hettich you can expect to find all sorts of challenges and opportunities for the future. Depending on your abilities and goals. You can start a career as an executive. Or, equally rewarding, go into a career in project management or specialised field. Hettich can give you a contemporary career concept with tremendous opportunities on the career ladder.

Career starters

You have got your qualification. Or gathered initial work experience. Now you want to get off to a flying start in working life. As a career starter, we can give you two options: starting directly or beginning as a trainee in the area of your choice. We will talk to you about what you really want to do. And, together, assess the opportunities for starting a career on the technical, marketing & sales or commercial side. We will make you ready for launching into your career with targeted training and attractive projects. Colleagues and line managers will support you with their wealth of experience.

Looking for an apprenticeship

Stability from the very start: Hettich can offer you a diversified range of apprenticeship training opportunities. And the prospect of being taken on once you have finished. You can even do your training at different Hettich operations: in Balingen, Berlin, Frankenberg, Vlotho and Kirchlengern.

Advanced apprenticeship workshops and an interdepartmental training concept pave the way. Are you reliable and ready to learn? Responsible and a team worker? If you are, you will go a very long way at Hettich.

So: find your dream job at Hettich – on the technical or commercial side!

Trust, responsibility, appreciation and recognition are practised values within the company Hettich.

Dirk Bartz

Head of Education

Technical education

Students / school pupils

Are you a school pupil or university student? And quickly wish to become familiar with various professions? If so, we would like to give you the opportunity to start a work placement / internship. Also during school holidays or between terms or semesters. This is the best way of finding out which job fits your talents. And equally as important: what you enjoy doing.

Your work placement will not only give the opportunity to gather theoretical knowledge but also gain first hand practical experience. It will give you guidance and make it easier to choose a career. We at Hettich will assist you with empathy and valuable experience.

Work placement / internship while you are studying

Depending on what you are studying, you can do a work placement / internship with us in administration, production and engineering. Take advantage of a well balanced combination of theory and practice. This is how we make sure that you not only come away with valuable expert knowledge but also with practical project experience. At the end of your work placement / internship, we will sit together and reflect on your initial experience. And assess your potential for developing in the field of work you are trying out. This can point the way for choosing a profession later on.

Bachelor's dissertation or Master's degree thesis

Come to us and write your dissertation or thesis within three to six months. The appropriate Hettich department will give you the technical support you need from exactly the right person. Together with you and your academic mentor, we will define the goals of your dissertation. Get us interested with your proposed subject matter! Illustrate your motivation. What kind of assistance would you like from us?